Swine Production

Industry-Proven Products for Your Growing Business


Solutions for Growing

  • Electronic Sow Feeding
  • Electronic Farrowing Feeder
  • Sow Feeding
  • Farrowing Crates
  • Gestation Stalls
  • Electronic Nursery Feeder
  • Market Pig Feeders
  • Drinking Cups & Drinkers
  • Feed Delivery Systems
  • Feed Bins & Accessories
  • Fans
  • Heaters
  • Whole-House Controls
  • Air Inlets
  • Early Weaning Mats
  • Feed Bin Inventory System
  • Cough Monitor System

We’re Ready

NOR-AG LTD. develops industry-leading design solutions. We develop equipment solutions with your swine production business in mind, and provide the information and experience you need to make informed choices.

We offer swine producers a broad spectrum of industry-proven products and professional experience that provide true value matching to our customers’ specific needs.

The swine production products supplied by NOR-AG LTD. are supported by manufacturer warranties.

For More Information.

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