What We Do

We Are Your ONE Source Ag-Infrastructure Provider

Solutions for Growing

We are a retail company with an overriding commitment to deliver quality and service. We see every project as an opportunity to bring people together. Our considerable experience supports the practical solutions we bring to equipment specifications, facilities design, project management, and construction methods. Whether farm or commercial, NOR-AG LTD. is your ONE source for feed milling, swine production, grain handling, poultry production, and fertilizer facilities, along with buildings for farm and commercial applications.

We are problem solvers. To achieve the greatest impact on process, facility, and your organization, our team works together with you to understand your immediate and long-term goals, then see your project through planning, design, construction, and operational startup.

Our practical solutions involve optimizing the flow and layout of facility operations, setting up effective infrastructure that best supports the intended process, while maintaining consistent and high-quality production. We deliver significant experience in facilities design, project management, and construction methods. We offer creativity and ingenuity to achieve long-term business and financial success for our customers.

Working With Customers

We design with your goals in mind. At NOR-AG LTD., when we take on a project, we see more than a building, machinery, or a construction site. We see every project as an opportunity to bring people together.

It all starts with experience, creativity, and well-defined goals, coupled with thorough pre-project planning. Quality and cost-effective design lays the foundation for a successful production facility on your farm. Maintaining a critical eye on the development of your production facility, our people will work together with you to see your project through design, construction, and operational startup. Then we will tie it all together to ensure your facility operates safely, efficiently, and effectively.

As Technology Advances

As technology advances, NOR-AG LTD. adapts. Customers are happier when their facility works as it was designed to do, and works well when needed. It’s not just about the industry-proven and technically advanced equipment. Our design approach includes a clear understanding of your farm operation, your goals and expectations, and works to support all of these objectives. At the end of the day, we want to design a properly functioning facility of high quality that ensures the highest level of reliability, productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Helping Master Efficiency

To master efficiency is to continuously improve. We help farm producers improve their production facilities through design and planning, using space more effectively, improve animal health and welfare and reducing costs. We design facilities to increase productivity levels, improve quality, and drive success in the face of a demanding marketplace.

High Future Productivity

Our approach is simple. We design solutions with your farm in mind, and provide the information and experience you need to make informed choices. We pay attention to emerging technologies and trends that offer increased productivity and compliance with new regulations.

We’re Ready

NOR-AG LTD. is well positioned to provide the latest global technology through its expanded relationships with industry-leading suppliers. We offer products that are supported by manufacturers’ warranties.